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Dynamic Plumbing Technology is the go-to company for affordable, exceptional, and reliable plumbing solutions in South Florida. Our company offers plumbing promotions that help lower the cost of plumbing in your home! Give us a call to claim one of our limited-time promotional offers!

$60 Off Toilet Replacement

Need a new toilet installed? We are offering a limited-time toilet replacement discount for all new or old toilets needing replacements! Give us a call at 954-861-9753 to claim this promo!

$50 Off Garbage Disposal Installation

Need a garbage disposal installed at a more affordable rate? Trust our plumbing experts to deliver exceptional results with our garbage disposal promotion! Claim it now by giving us a call at 954-861-9753 to claim this promo!

$60 Off Sink, Toilet, or Sewer Drain Service

If you’re experiencing slow drains or backup issues, you may be dealing with a main drain line clog. Claim this special limited-time promo and get your clogged drains fixed FAST! Give us a call at 954-861-9753 to claim this promo!

$120/Hour Leak Detection Special

Having a hard time finding a pipe leak in your home? Remove the stress of dealing with subpar plumbing companies and enjoy top-notch leak detection services at an affordable price! Claim this special now by giving us a call at 954-861-9753!

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Depending on the repair, we may be able to do the repair on the spot! Some installations may need to be scheduled due to the ordering of materials. 

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